Swedish artist Jacob Södergren creates organic abstract works that he himself describes as structured chaos. Each of his paintings teems with small variations in texture, tone, and shape, asserting a singular uniformity and repetition. In this way, the works become a field of interest onto which the viewer can project their own interpretations.

Working with large canvases, Södergren creates pieces that contain a single strong focus or visual theme, and at the same time vary in their many details. This contrast of macro and micro adds another facet to the pigments and incorporates the artist's fluid use of materials when he applies the paint to the canvas.

Multiple layers of  paint build up into tangible and spontaneous compositions. Flecks of metallic pigment emphasize a natural value among the layers. The pieces balance careful attention to composition and pattern with a geological quality.

Inspired by the colorful world around him, Södergren translates inspiration and color combinations from the everyday into something less tangible. He further incorporates an interest in furniture design and modernism into his works in his restrained yet fluid forms.

Previous Exhibitions

October 2017, Affordable Art Fair, London, UK

October 2017, Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

October 2016, Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

June 2016, Summer Exhibition, Galleri Eklund, Stockholm, Sweden


April 2016, Solo exhibition Chaos in Balance, Galleri Eklund, Stockholm, Sweden

December 2015, Christmas Exhibition, Galleri Eklund, Stockholm, Sweden

November 2015, The Influence of Color, Agora Gallery, New York, USA

October 2015, The Other Art Fair, London, UK

July 2015, Elements Part II, Gabriel Fine Art Gallery, London, UK

June 2015, The Other Art Fair, Bristol, UK

April 2015, FoKo - Art To Go, Sickla Köpkvarter, Stockholm, Sweden

November 2014, FoKo - Art To Go, Lauritz.com, Stockholm, Sweden

November 2013, FoKo - Art To Go, MOOD Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

April 2013, FoKo - Art To Go, Sturegallerian, Stockholm, Sweden


Galleri Eklund, Stockholm, Sweden

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